Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wedding Season

Hey guys...how was your weekends? Mine was filled with LOTS of crafting : D. I had UOOOODDLLESSS of fun!!!

Soooooo...my inspiration for this post was my cousin and aunty's wedding coming up at the end of the year and the beginning of next year, 2012. My mom asked me to make two cards for their special occasion. I was in a "deep" thinking mood, on how I was going to create these wedding cards for them. I wanted them to be memorable and not cards that would be "thrown" away. I was even thinking of putting a disclaimer..."If you throw these cards away please RETURN to creator," something of that sort and my mom started to laugh.

Any whooo on to the cards...

For my cousins card it was sort of easy just because I knew the theme colors of their wedding so I went with: hot pink, grey, and black. They are a young couple so I chose the "engagement" stamp from S.W.A.L.K.

I apologize the picture from my iPhone is a bit blurry....but HERE IT IS!!! I think it was super cute...after brain storming to see what colors and paper went together, the card just came together as one with all the little embellishments. The clothing for the images, I had cut and paste different types of paper to match, it was at first colored but this fit a lot better. This was also my first time using feathers on a card...had soooooo much fun with it, feathers really can bring elegance to a card.

Okay, moving on to the second card for my aunty....I used a CC Design couple image. I had to start getting away from the pinks, whites, and blacks. For my next card I used a lot more "nature" tones, which I love because I didn't think I could make a card with this color theme.

And here's my 2nd inspiration from the weekend! I used lots of different shades of green, but I still had to add a touch of pink here and there. The bling and rhinestone embellishment made the card really pop. I also  added feathers in it...speaking of feathers I had a bit of trouble. I didn't have a pink feather as you can see right behind the flower, so I used stamps and inked a white feather. It actually came out great!

So there they are, my inspiration for the weekend.

*** had to add a nice picture ;)

Please come back, I will be putting up some of my Christmas creations with the Sister Stamp 3 collection...


  1. Oh my Annie~
    Totally pretty! Love both of your cards the colors schemes are phenomenal, great images, embellies and your layouts is just so perfect.... I'm sure they are really going to appreciate these cards that you made for them.... Awesome girlfriend!

  2. love that cc designs couple...so cute!