Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sister Stamp- 4th Release!!!

Oh my goodness...this is my 3rd post of the day...its got to be a record for me : D.

GONG HEE FAT CHOY to you all!!! (a little early but it's never to early for New Years...right?!?)

I am here again sharing with you the 4th Release of the Sister Stamps...YAY! I am super excited about this collection. I can actually make New Year cards this year and for Chinese New Years I can make little red envelopes for my niece and nephews, since Chinese New Years is a really big thing in my family :)! Super excited!

My most favorite New Years memory was my sophomore year in High School. It wasn't anything too special but I just remember I had my whole entire family come over for New Years and my cousin had just brought snow down from MaunaKea, all the kids gathered around and decided to build a snowman. I still remember all of us falling and slipping on the roads because it was wet and slippery from the snow, and having "numb" fingers while trying to build this snowman. It was an awesome New Years!

Thanks again for stopping by :)

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