Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone,

What are you this year? Unfortunately I was too busy to pick up any costumes this I'm myself this year :D. I just wanted to come by and share with you a short blog today and wish everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween. Today's weather on the Big Island of Hawaii is perfect for skies, sunny, PERFECT!!!

Here's a little goodie bag that I put together for my nephews and niece. Nothing much, a little ghost box/bag and I embellished them with their personalized names. I also add a little cute juice bottle I found at Walmart. I was really happy with these, and thank goodness I only had to make 4 :P...

Have a great Halloween everyone...take care!


  1. Love those treat bags, they came out really cute and I'm sure the kiddies are going to enjoy them.....
    Yep, what gorgeous weather on the Bisland!
    I have a card swap going on from December, do you want to play along? Hop on by and read the deets on it....
    Thanks~ and have a great Monday....

  2. Cute goodie bags. The kiddies are lucky to have you as an aunty.