Friday, September 23, 2011

Sister Stamp project

Happy Aloha Friday Everyone,

Soo I've been working on a project for a while now and I haven't really posted anything cause I did not have the chance to finish it yet. But I just wanted to share what I have together as of today.

My projects main focus are the sisters stamp characters. I love the them, all so VERY cute! Can't wait for the third collection to come out....YAY!!! Coming from Hawaii Asian themed items seem to be really inspring and eye catching

I have Ayako, Nobu, and Kiyomi featured on Shrink Film and placed on a clothes pin with a little boutique bow.  Then placed on a stick that is a magnet.

I am struggling to finish this project, please comment if you have any ideas.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. Hi Anne~
    Welcome to blog world... You are going to love it, they are so many inspirational crafters you will be amazed.... Love what you got going on with your project, looks very pretty... Can't wait to the end result..... Hop on over to my blog and be my follower and I will hop back to your blog and follow you too...
    Have a great day and keep on crafting....

  2. Hi Shirl,

    Thanks for the warming welcome!

  3. Hi Anne~
    I'm your first newest follower.... Yeh!
    I'll put your blog page on my right side of my blog too....

  4. Thanks a bunch! Yay... I finally have a blogging friend. !

  5. Greetings from the other side of the globe - Finland!
    I just painted some clothes pins white and was wondering how to continue decorating them before attaching them to my note board.
    Yours look sooooooo cute. Thanks for the idea!