Thursday, September 15, 2011

Newbee to Crafting Blogging!!!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Annie and I come from a small town in Hilo, Hawaii and love to craft! This is my first blog and post, so I am really new to this. Never did I think I was going to start a blog, but why not let everyone see your creativity and ideas...right?!? I've seen lots of great bloggers out there with terrific ideas that I love and cherish. Please feel free to help this newbee out with blogging and crafting.

A little history about myself. I've always loved to craft and draw. But it wasn't until about a year ago when I bought my "Cricut" was when I really got into crafting and stamping. I've learning to use so many techniques and to use many different mediums since, and my collection has grown ever since thanks to all you crafty people.

For my first blog I just wanted to share some super cute Greeting Farm fairies that I painted with water color. I am also currently waiting for my copic pens to come in! :) I can't wait!!!

Before expanding my coloring techniques I was using regular Crayola coloring pencils and a few Prisma coloring pencils. It has worked but can get a little tedious at times. I have been always aware of copic pens and the wonders they can do with pictures, but just never had the heart to spend the money for them. And now with the price increase I decided to purchase them! But in the mean time I discovered water coloring and the fun effects it can bring to the pictures.

Please enjoy and comment as you please.

Thanks <3

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